Thursday, June 12, 2014

Daring Adventures in Collage: Week 1

I'm taking another art class to jump start my creativity which I haven't been taking time to nurture lately. This time it is Daring Adventures in Collage with Mati Rose McDonough. I have taken 2 previous classes with Mati (Daring Adventures in Paint and  Get Your Paint On) and both have helped me to experiment and to be less literal. While it might be nice to achieve perfection in my drawings and paintings, I'm just not a strong enough artist to do that and besides, that's not the style I'm drawn to. But, it's hard for me not to try to get those lines exactly right. These classes help me to embrace imperfection and try to be looser in my interpretations.

Daring Adventures in Collage takes off from the Daring Adventures in Paint class and book, but instead of focusing on paint with a bit of collage, we're focusing on collage with a little bit of paint! The first week's assignment was Creature Collage on a wood background.

 I repurposed a 16"x17" piece of one of my husband's grad school architectural models. It was a floor of a mill building and so has many parallel lines drawn to represent the wood flooring and a series of holes where posts were to hold up the second floor. If you look closely, you might notice flowers and butterflies in line to cover the holes. The wood had some interesting graining that I painted with green watercolor to turn it into a tree. For the collage materials, I used scrapbooking paper, part of a Kleenex box, old maps, music, wrapping paper, travel brochures, fabric from a sample book, and those free stickers and address labels you get in the mail.

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