Sunday, June 15, 2014

Daring Adventures in Collage: Week 2

For the second week of the Daring Adventures in Collage class, we were to create a Messy Collage. The idea was to not think to much, but to rip up pieces and add paint. In reality, I did think about it a bit, because I wasn't able to make the collage in one sitting. I ripped and stuck the paper and let it dry for a day before adding the paint. And, of course, I surveyed in between to decide what to do with the paint, though the white splotches were an impulsive addition.

Since my last canvas was so large, I used a 6" square canvas this time. The collage paper is the insides of 4 different envelopes, music, and a car from a Mazda ad I got in the mail. I applied the paint with an adhesive seam roller (like a brayer, but only 1 1/2" wide) and a spongy round spouncer and removed some of it with a wet paper towel.

As a bonus, I couldn't bear to just throw away to reddish-orangey-yellow paint I had mixed so I put it on another canvas to use for another project!

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