Friday, June 20, 2014

Daring Adventures In Collage: Week 3

This week's Daring Adventures in Collage assignment was a Surrealist Collage. I thought that would be a difficult task, but with the great inspiration provided by the instructor, Mati Rose McDonough, this proved to be the most fun collage yet! I plan to try more of these that escape reality a bit more than this collage does.

Meet stylish Momma Bobcat and her basket full of kittens (and a wolf). I figure after dealing with all of these kittens, she needed a big glass of wine! This collage has an acrylic paint and tissue paper background to add color since the composition was a bit too beige. I used a catalog model, a zoo brochure, an advertising postcard, and a daily cat calendar. The basket is a linocut that I created. I added a light paint wash to give it some color.

I decided to buy a visual journal this week so I could have a place to be messy, yet orderly since the pages are bound together. The canvases were feeling a bit too precious and made me feel like I should hang everything I did whether I liked it or not. Of course, now if I make something I really like, I have to decide whether I want to tear it out of the journal or not, so maybe paper is not precious enough? Ah, the quandary of the artist.


  1. This looks like such a fun class, and your pieces reflect that fun and vibrancy. Love them!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! The class is a lot of fun. Mati is a great teacher!