Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introducing Smiling Cat Pendants!

I've been quiet on the blog for months, but I have been working on getting my badly drifting Etsy shop in order. With the help of Create & Thrive's SHIFT class, I've culled many of the items to bring some cohesivity to my shop and found a focus on, what else, smiling cats!

Rather than focusing on linocuts as I had been, I decided to focus on the cats so that I can use other mediums. I'll still be working on linocuts and creating cards from them, but using the smiling cat focus, I'll be able to paint, draw, collage, embroider, create illustrations with my computer, and anything else I like without feeling like my shop is a hodgepodge of my medium of the week. It's freeing! I'm looking forward to it!

One of the items that had been in the works for a while was pendants of smiling cat faces. These pendants feature scanned version of my linocut cats. A little piece of contentment for you or your favorite cat lover! These wearable cats are available now in my Smiling Cat Studio shop on Etsy.