About Me

I am an artist, printmaker, writer, photographer, Etsy shop owner, historic preservationist, cat lover, needle artist, basket maker, graphic designer, gardener, clarinet player, baker, knitter, lover of all things handmade, and I am taking charge of my own destiny.  

My shop, Smiling Cat Studio, is named for the contentment visible in the face of a cat who is curled up in a warm sunny spot, head flipped upside down, smiling at the joy of it all.  I strive for that feeling myself in my everyday life.  Creating things with my hands gives me that contentment as the hours pass without notice.  Calling this work is really a misnomer, but working to make every day a smiling cat day is my goal.

This blog is about my work (linoleum block prints or linocuts and illustrations of cats at the moment), but it is also about my journey to be creative and fulfilled every day of my life.